Jewelry Glossary

Here is a little bit of info about the semiprecious stones we carry.

18K Gold Plating - We are proud to be able to offer 18K gold plating in most of our pieces. The only brand that has a different way to measure their gold through a high fusion technique is T. Arrigoni. All others offer several layers of 18K gold plating using the highest technologies.

Abalone - Abalone is not properly a stone. Coming from sea snails, they are shells from the clams and scallops family. It is also said that abalone pieces are soothing to the emotions. Their iridescent look makes them truly unique and very beautiful.

Abalone set

Agate - Agate is a form of finely-grained quartz. The lovely colors, patterns and banding make this transparent gemstone extremely special. They can have different styles, but each is unique, they are never the same. We have beautiful pieces with brown, gray and white agate.

Brown Agate Bracelet
 AmazoniteAlso called "Amazon stone", from the Amazon River. A very delicate stone that requires careful handling.  Amazonite is a mineral of limited occurrence, and its shades go from deep forest-green to light and bluish-green. It makes wonderful cheerful pieces.


Citrine - Citrine is a yellow to brownish quartz. The name Citrine is derived from the citron fruit, a yellow fruit similar to the lemon. In fact, citron means "lemon" in many languages. Citrines may come from amethyst or smoky quartz, after a heating process. Very used as a gemstone, citrine pieces are fun, vibrant and full of good energy.

Citrine Earrings

Druzy - Druzy is the glittering effect of tiny crystals over top a colorful mineral. It is beautiful when used in making jewelry. Their shine and can be cut into various shapes with ease. So if you want sparkle, that is a great option.


Freshwater Pearl -Freshwater pearls cover a wide range of colors and shapes. They are grown in the freshwater mussels, in lakes and aquaculture ponds. They are an incredibly durable pearl. Rather than a glossy look, freshwater pearls have a refined glow, therefore they can look just as stunning as any saltwater pearl.

Freshwater Pearl Earrings

Garnet - The word garnet comes from the 14th‑century word gernet, meaning 'dark red'. It is derived from the Latin granatus, from granum ('grain, seed'). Garnet is the birthstone for January, and its classy aspect makes your look very chic.

Garnet Earrings

Green QuartzSince 1950, almost all natural green quartz (or prasiolite) has come from Brazil. Artificially produced prasiolite is heat treated amethyst. Most amethyst will turn yellow or orange when heated producing citrine. But some amethyst will turn green when treated. This beautiful green is said to have healing properties. It can certainly make beautiful jewelry.

Hematite - The hematite stones colors vary from black to steel or silver-gray, brown to reddish brown, or red. It is mined as the main ore of iron. It is said to provide balance and therefore used in feng shui. These stones are shiny, versatile and classy with any jeans, dress or suit.


Onyx - Similar to agates, onyx has been used since Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt times, to make art and pottery in general. Very uniform and opaque, it serves as a fantastic option for evening attires, as it goes nicely with all colors in the closet.

Raffia - It is a natural fiber from the Raffia Palm that brings a natural and rustic feel to our jewelry pieces.

Rhodium Plating - Rhodium is a silver-white hard metal often found in platinum ores. The use of rhodium plating offers a highly durable, shiny and tarnish resistant surface.

Rose QuartzRose quartz is a type of quartz which exhibits a pale pink to rose red hue. Some rose quartz contains microscopic needles which produces an luminous star-like shape. Also used in Feng Shui, in fashion they represent a delicate and feminine option for a romantic look.

NoteCherry Quartz stones are made from glass melted in a furnace then combined with a coloring agent, and natural Rose Quartz powder.

Rutilated QuartzRutilated Quartz is one of the few gemstones desirable because of its inclusions. This characteristic gives it a special flair as a unique stone. Rutilated Quartz is usually colorless, transparent quartz. For a contemporary, modern look.

Smoky QuartzSmoky Quartz is the grayish brown variety of quartz. It ranges in color from light grayish-brown to deep black. Smoky Quartz can be opaque, but is almost always transparent to translucent, even in its darkest shade. It became a popular gemstone for jewelry, especially for rings and pendants centerpieces. This happens because they are usually larger and reach several hundred carats with only minimal flaws.

SodaliteSodalite often has a bright-blue color, and it usually displays white veins or streaks.  The name references to its sodium ("soda") content. Large blue Sodalite masses come from Minas Gerais, in Brazil. The deep blue color of this stone makes beautiful jewelry. Try it with jeans for a casual look.


Tiger's Eye - Tiger's Eye is a quartz type with an effect of moving layers of brown and yellow lines and waves. Piercing like the feline's eyes, this fabulous stone color makes it very popular in both fashion and fine jewelry.

Turquoise - Turquoise is a special gemstone. Its bright color has afforded it important gem use throughout several ancient civilizations, including the Native Americans. Still today it remains an important, yet affordable gemstone. It is an ornamental stone, highly desirable for its unique and striking color.

Unakite - Unakite is an altered granite composed of pink feldspar, green epidote, and generally colorless quartz. It is a marbled stone in various shades of green and pink. Unakite is sometimes used as an architectural and decorative stone, such as trimming to the front steps of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C.. Used in jewelry, makes interesting pieces that can make you look unique and trendy.



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